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Question: Do you think that their is a limit to how many OC's a person can have (specifically main ones)?
Beautiful Day to Love You
    Here is an art collab that I did with my amazing friend Queen-Apocalypse :) Here we have our two Avewings Piper and Askan flying together. I can't speak for Askan, but I know that Piper is absolutely ecstatic to be flying with her crush :)

    I did the line art and shading, and Apocalypse did the coloring and background (amazing job btw)!

Askan belongs to: Queen-Apocalypse 
Piper belongs to: ME
Avewings belong to: Haasiophis-Sahel 
Burning Carnage
    I have absolutely no idea what happened with this picture. To be honest with you guys, I think his snout looks a little like Rhyno's (most likely because he is one of the few people I see doing a head angle like this)... 
    All probably don't remember this guy, since it has been so long since I have drawn him (this literally being the second time I have drawn him). Anyways, he is my lovely little fire scales dragon.
    Better go sleep now XD
Orion Nature Spirit
    Here's another Nature Spirit for my friend OrionStar87 :D Ok, so the reason that there is a sort of three theme is because Orion's belt, and three stars (made more sense in my head). Anyways, lots of patterning, and a little Orion constellation under the eye.
    I hope you like it!
The Dark Oracle
    The visions were still there. Even after days of doing nothing but trying to right them, they still both lingered in her mind. Oracle closed her eyes, and choked on a sob. Even when she wasn’t trying to, the two pathways were still at the edge of her sight. When she couldn’t hold the vision back any longer it came. The first was the better of two.
 There she was, standing in the center of a circle of Nightwings. She smiled at them as they cheered, her mother and father standing proudly behind her. They loved her, and she loved them back. Everything was good. She was happy. Then suddenly the vision shifted and fell out of sight. The forest around her turned black with smoke and fire. Dragons screamed and cried. Then out of the ashes Oracle emerged. She was grinning, and her mouth was covered in blood that was not her own. A dragonet cried out in horror when she approached, and Oracle licked her lips maliciously.

    Another scream filled the air and the vision crumbled away. Oracle was trembling, and the tears flowed openly. They had only appeared the day before last, but they had been enough to shock her. Seven years old, she should be able to handle these visions on her own, but she was terrified. No one else knew, and Oracle would give anything to keep it that way. She couldn’t have her friend or family looking at her like that; like she was some sort of demon of destruction.

    Then she felt something in her chest, like something was trying to be pushed out. She shrieked as the headache stabbed her like a spear, and the words came in a dry, crackling voice not her own:

                                                                    Touched by darkness
                                                                    Cradled by time
                                                                    Oh weary dragoness
                                                                    Which mountain to climb

                                                                    The talons you grasp
                                                                    The future you chose
                                                                    Or the exile you clasp
                                                                    And the future you lose

    Her voice caught and shuddered, and the words were gone. Her breath rattled, and her mind was spinning. The prophecy was for her, but she understood none of it. Everything was out of control. Her futures were clear, but no matter how hard she had tried, the could not tell how to change them. She looked up through her teary eyes, and could see the glimmer of the Nightwing village through the trees. Her tribe, her friends, her home.

    No, no she could do this on her own. She slowed her breathing, and the sobs subsided slowly as she tried to take rein of her thoughts.
    “Focus. You can figure it out if you try hard enough”, she murmured into the darkness. “No one has to die because of me.”

    This, children, is why we never rush into stupid decisions, and post first drafts.
Heyo peeps! So, I am opening up two slots for custom characters + refs. This is one of my rare occasions when I am opening these up, so if you want a custom dragon or nature spirit by me, this might be a good chance. If you do not have enough points, but you still want one, you can offer art as well.

    So, the first kind is just WoF custom for 40 pts. It can be a hybrid, disabilities, whatever you guys want for 40 pts! It will be a full body, and I will happily include anything you would like personality wise as well! These are a higher price because it takes a long time to draw a full dragon, as well as coloring, etc... 

    The second kind is a custom nature spirit for only 20 pts. If you want more info on them, just ask :) These guys are based on several categories which I will post soon (such as weather, place, item, etc...). They have almost limitless design possibilities as well. These are a closed species, and they are currently only open at rare times, such as this.
1: Holding for OrionStar87 

If you are ever interested in getting these (or any other type of art that I do) when I don't specifically make events such as these, just contact me, and if I have time, I might take a commission, or even just a request :)

Edit: Wow, a lot of people wanted a nature spirit, so I guess I will be doing more than just two :D


Zeniththeskywing's Profile Picture
United States
Hi, my name is Zenith! I am just going to tell you one or two things about me :)
My main hobbies consist of reading, sleeping, binge watching Netflix, writing, and of course drawing!
Dragons have always been a part of my life, from my favorite TV show as a kid (Dragon tales), to some of my favorite books now. I have no idea when all these fandoms consumed me, but I have loved every moment of it. I am part of many other fandoms, I just can't draw anything but dragons.

I love making art, as well as posting it, and I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as I love showing it to you!



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